Who We Are

GLASGOW Afghan United (GAU) was founded in 2004 to promote the values of unity, equality, peace and diversity in Scotland by supporting the Afghan community and other diverse ethnic minority groups.

It also means providing education and training to refugees, asylum seekers and other Afghan and ethnic minority people about their rights and responsibilities in Scotland.We work to support the full participation of New Scots in all aspects of civil society.

 And we promote awareness to the wider community about Afghan and ethnic minority culture and tradition, with a special focus on teaching these values to young ethnic minority people.

GAU’s membership is made up of parents, children, teachers, pupils, footballers, dancers, cooks, poets, workers, carers and more. 


Celebrating and raising awareness of our shared cultures, as well as removing barriers based on language, background, sexual orientation, tribe, religion, gender and political opinion.


Our mission is to connect people, build stronger communities and better lives through cultural celebrations, social events and activities. We believe everyone should have the chance to achieve their potential, regardless of their background.


We work in partnership with communities at grassroots level and with relevant stakeholders to achieve a wide range of charitable objectives in line with the requirements of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).