who we are

Glasgow Afghan United (GAU) is established to support the Afghan and Ethnic Minority community in Scotland and support their full participation in all aspects of civil Society. GAU will operate in partnership with local grassroots communities, and relevant stakeholders within charitable objectives in line with Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator’s (OSCR)


GAU’s main objectives are focused on bringing Afghan and Ethnic Minority people together through social events, celebrations (e.g. Afghan
national events) and any other activities that will support the Afghan and Ethnic Minority community to engage with local people in Scotland. To help Afghan and ethnic Minority people (particularly refugees and asylum
seekers) to access services by providing information about access to services and training as well as making them aware of their rights and responsibilities in Scotland. To ensure that all GAU members are included and can freely participate in GAU activities regardless of their language, sexual orientation, tribe, religion, gender or political opinion and therefore
encourage to participate. To promote awareness to the wider community about Afghan and Ethnic Minority culture and tradition, with a special focus on teaching these values to young Ethnic Minority people.

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