Afghan Crisis Response: Prime Minister must answer

GLASGOW Afghan United (GAU) is shocked and disturbed by today’s revelations about the UK’s Afghanistan Crisis, which confirm many of our community’s worst fears were true.
Emails were ignored and people were abandoned amidst organisational chaos at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). Decision-makers did not know what they were doing – did not even know about Afghanistan – and so lives were lost and others remain at risk and in limbo. 
Time and again the UK Government told us it was doing all it could. We now know from the whistleblower Raphael Marshall’s testimony that this was not true. When so many Afghans bravely stepped up to safeguard and aid British personnel in Afghanistan as interpreters, guides, bodyguards and more, this is a terrible betrayal.
Our community is in shock. It was already hurting from so much trauma. The Prime Minister and then-Foreign Secretary must be held to account, must apologise and must act immediately to enact the Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme to give some hope and justice to the Afghan people. Many lives depend on this.
During the evacuation period in August, GAU worked closely with many people who had legitimate claims for evacuation. We acted in good faith by telling them to follow the UK Government guidance. Now we have learned that the guidance meant very little and the evacuation was a lottery or worse. We continue to work with people in the UK and in Afghanistan whose lives have been dismantled by this crisis. We continue to work in good faith with partners from councils and with the Scottish and UK Governments. But a veil has now been lifted from the FCDO’s operations and there are many questions to be answered.
To regain the trust and faith of the public, the FCDO and the Prime Minister cannot attempt to sidestep these actions, which put the UK Government to shame.
We have been here for the community throughout and will continue to support the people. To help us, please consider donating to our crowdfunder.

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