Emergency Appeal for Herat Earthquake Survivors

On Saturday, 7 October 2023, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 hit Herat. Historically known as the “Pearl of Khurasan,” Herat is located in the west of Afghanistan. As most of the houses in rural Herat – like the rest of Afghanistan – are mud houses, the magnitude of 6.6 is comparatively very high, resulting in many casualties. Unfortunately, the number of deaths is increasing by the hour.

Official reports now indicate 2,000 to 4,000 fatalities and well over 9,000 injured, and still, people are trapped under rubble due to lack of response, and nearly 2,000 houses have been destroyed. However, due to the absence of a proper system of disaster and emergency management mechanisms in Afghanistan, the figures are far from settled. Local communities have reported extensive destruction of villages in the affected areas.

Appeal to Assist Survivors
The situation is dire, and the affected communities urgently need our help with water to blanket food, sanitation, medicine, treatment, etc. Please stand with us to enable extending a helping hand in the hour of need of the communities. Rest assured your support can save lives by providing immediate relief, shelter, medical aid, and essential supplies to the affected communities. Every donation – however small – counts and makes a real difference on the ground. Let’s show solidarity and compassion in these trying times.

Please join the fundraising campaign by Glasgow Afghan United to support survivors of the Herat earthquake. Let’s together make a difference and bring hope to those facing this devastating crisis.