At Glasgow Afghan United, we know education enriches lives and are committed to lifelong learning for communication, integration, employment and personal development. Our classes are tailored to the needs of our membership and are friendly and welcoming. Services for adults and children are available and through our partnerships with colleges, training providers and more, we can help people unlock their potential. Please contact to find out more.


GAU wants all community members to have the confidence and ability to lift their voices and participate fully in society. Young adults and children are invited to take part in our five cultural language classes, developing their verbal and written proficiency.

The classes build confidence and connection now for the leaders of tomorrow.


Our Library Club takes groups of 20 to read and learn in a fun, supportive environment. These sessions, which include computer literacy, have been suspended due to the pandemic but we look forwards to resuming them when restrictions allow.

Classes for Women

Our Women’s Empowerment Project offers a range of classes in English language, digital skills, driving theory test, and more. Please visit our dedicated page for details on what’s available. Services take place online and in-person and are provided in a safe and friendly women-only environment, with support for multiple languages.

Classes for Men

Our Men’s Group offers English (ESOL) classes and a range of other activities. Meetings are held on Mondays and Wednesdays at the GAU office and GAU Allotment, where volunteering opportunities are also available. Our Men’s Group is a supportive multilingual environment which offers great opportunities to socialise, network and build skills. Gardening sessions at the GAU Allotment are a fantastic way to get fresh air and exercise for physical and mental wellbeing. Get in touch with us at the email address above to find out more.


Support and friendship to encourage attainment – around 100 pupils attend our regular Homework Club for help with their learning and to boost marks in a range of subjects.

Schools may have been closed to most during the pandemic, but lessons haven’t stopped during the pandemic and so neither have we.

Our regular sessions have moved online to offer a remote learning lifeline to pupils and their families and give them a degree of continuity during these uncertain times.


Organised in partnership with the University of Glasgow and NGhomes, this hugely successful course allowed young people from diverse backgrounds expand their horizons by exploring big issues like community, discrimination, power and globalisation. Students raised their voices and shared ideas in discussions and workshops exploring important local and global topics. This interactive approach enabled them to gain rich insights and experiences as they worked and learned alongside others.

GAU School

Our inspirational GAU School offers support to children and young people. We know that many families face difficulties in supporting their children’s learning in primary and high school and we are here to help. We know it works, because our students are getting fantastic results, achieving A grades in their high school exams – you can read more about that at the foot of the page.
We offer classes in the English language to help our young community members with reading, writing and speaking the language. 
Our fantastic teachers also provide lessons in maths and, for secondary school age pupils, English literature, biology and chemistry. 
GAU School also offers mother language classes to give young people full reading, writing and speaking skills in the languages of Afghanistan. And it gives young people a chance to make friends with others of a similar background.
Sessions take place in-person and online during standard term time.

Other Services

Cultural Programmes & Events

Afghan Resettlement Project


To join in or for more information, please contact

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