Cultural Programmes & Events

Cultural Programmes & Events


Afghanistan and Scotland share a love of poetry and good food. This unique event fuses the cultural traditions of both countries and celebrates two of the greatest writers they’ve produced, Robert Burns and Molana Jalal ad-Din

Muhammad Balki Rumi, through an evening of music, cuisine and friendship.The event encourages GAU members to learn about the countries’ rich histories and promotes a sense of pride in these, learning about Scotland’s history and identity while retaining their own cultural values and identity.


Inspired by the achievements and legacy of this national hero of Afghanistan, this annual GAU event celebrates the diversity and harmonious co-existence of multi-ethnicities within Scotland and the UK and works for greater inter-cultural understanding.

With a focus on promoting human rights, peace and social justice – our key values – the event also highlights the contribution and achievements the Afghan community continues to make throughout Scotland and the UK.


One of the most important events in the Afghan calendar, Nowruz is celebrated by around 300million people around the world, including here in Scotland.

GAU became the first Scottish group to officially mark the fortnight-long festivities in 2012.

We take pride in teaching children about the importance of Nowruz, which begins on Afghan New Year, and in sharing that with the wider community.


GAU invites people of all Muslim backgrounds and none to join our inclusive Eid dinner every year as we honour our faith and shared values with love and respect for all.

Diners enjoy fine food and finer company while building and strengthening community bonds for better integration.

Eid ul-Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking) marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting and religious holiday marked by prayer, charitable giving and peace-making.